Monday, 22 August 2011


Moodle is MMU’s virtual learning environment. Each student has a personal area within Moodle which will be used to deliver course content and important information to your desktop.

Moodle offers a reliable platform from which all manner of services and systems can be accessed. It will for example list the library books that you have on loan as well as providing links into electronic services. Moodle will also display the reading lists for each unit you are personally enrolled on – making it easier for you to find the books you need in the library.

For information about the change from WebCT to Moodle there is more information here

Access your Moodle areas via the MMU Current Students page
and log in with your MMU ID and password. If you need help with signing in, just click on the "How do I sign in" link or check the IT Services help pages

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